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WhatsApp and cyber security issues for 2017
No one even half-interested in IT and mobile telephony could have missed all the stories about WhatApp in the news lately. Since it was acquired by Facebook in 2014, its growth has been uncontainable....
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Unlocking obstacles to Cloud business systems
Increasing numbers of UK companies are unleashing the advantages of Cloud computing, but the process of moving core business functions across is meeting resistance from decision-makers.
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Can companies afford to miss out on big data?
Big data does not just belong in the realm of your IT departments; it has repercussions and applications across all key business operations. Increasingly, firms are realising that the skills needed to take advantage of big data need addressing company-wide.
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Can your business survive without a cyber security professional?
As a manager, you likely know that cyber security is extremely important in the current age due to the number of threats which are imposed on businesses and individuals daily.
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The Ageing Workforce
The demographic of workers in the UK is changing. We have an ageing workforce that’s going to put pressure on all sectors over the coming decades.
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Not so post Brexit Blues
Immediately after the referendum in June, the country was in a state of shock. The stock market and value of the pound plummeted. It seemed the economy was heading down the drain. A few months on from the result and things have steadied a bit....
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