5 signs people are addicted to work

Whether you are a loved one, employee or boss, you have a duty of care to look out for the health and wellbeing of those around you. A common trap that many people are falling into these days is becoming addicted to work in a rather unhealthy way. Addiction to work can quickly cause stress and worry in aspects of their personal life, leading to poorer quality physical and mental health. As such, here are five signs that someone you know may be addicted to work.

1. Taking work home almost every night

A common sign that someone is addicted to their work, is starting to bring their work home with them almost every night. This is acceptable on occasions, such as if they need to get a big project finished. But this habit should not be sustained over long periods.

2. Being unable to relax in the evening or at weekends

If someone is unable to relax in the evenings or at weekends, then it may be that they are preoccupied with thoughts and worries from work. It could be they are addicted to their role and are unable to properly take their mind off it.

3. Constantly fretting about work tasks

You may find that someone you know is constantly bringing up their working life in social conversations. Though this is natural from time to time, bringing up work more and more often may be a sign they are becoming addicted to their job.

4. Taking less care and attention in their physical wellbeing

If someone is addicted to working, then they naturally have less time to spend on other tasks, notably, looking after themselves. They may start to take less care in their physical appearance and also what they are eating and drinking.

5. Using drink or substances to remain active for sustained periods

To sustain work addiction, many people turn to addictive substances like drugs or alcohol to keep them going. In fact, increases in work addiction and substance addiction are known to go hand in hand. 

Being passionate about work is a good thing and something that all employees aspire to experience. However, if someone you know is displaying any of the symptoms above, then it may be that they are becoming increasingly addicted to their job and that it is taking over too much of their life. If you think this is a problem for someone you know, then perhaps it's time to speak to them about it.

Posted by: CloudScope Recruitment