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Put together the perfect CV

Although there are an infinite number of ways for creative people to construct their CVs, there are certain aspects that set winning ones apart from the remainder of the pack. Here are the most important things to accomplish when creating your CV:

01. Clarity and continuity

Nobody wants to be confused or disoriented when reading through a CV. You need to ensure that it is as clear and concise as possible. It should flow well and have continuity. So if you use bullet points in one job description, be sure to use them with every job description after that as well. Clarity and continuity are key.

02. Brevity

I'm not telling you to leave out important information but I am telling you not to write a book. Hiring managers often have to sift through hundreds of CVs. Don't let your CV scare them off with lengthy paragraphs and run-on sentences. Say what you need to say in as few words as possible. Quality over quantity!

03. Proof of expertise

Obviously one of your most important goals when writing a CV is the effective conveyance of your skills and expertise. The hiring manager is on a mission to hire someone who can do the job and do it right. Be sure to prove that it's you!

04. Relevant experience

The key word here is relevant. While it is true that most experiences help to shape and mould us in some way, you really are better off listing relevant experiences for a few reasons. If you are currently trying to find employment as a teacher, there is simply no reason to list your experience as a DJ circa 2007. You want your CV to flow well and have continuity. That being said, if you feel strongly that a work or life experience, though unrelated, particularly lends itself to your cause, then feel free to list it. Simply be careful about including too many irrelevant pieces in your CV.

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