Clients & Candidates Speak

“CloudScope is a very professional Recruiter that combines a good understanding of the industry with a solid awareness of our business’s requirements.

Our consultant genuinely wants to find us candidates who pose a good organisational fit.”

Office Manager leading Managed Cloud Provider in London

“So what’s the Scope?”

CloudScope was founded by a team of highly experienced IT recruiters and development industry entrepreneurs who realised that, to solve high tech staffing issues, specializing in IT alone is not enough. We therefore offer a unique solution - Concentrating solely on recruitment for Software Developers & Cloud candidates in East Anglia.

We understand the East Anglian Development community and build strong networks within these tight Software Development circles.

We believe in utilizing recruitment technology. CloudScope works closely with external firms to provide innovative solutions for our clients and candidates. We’re able to offer tools such as online video profiles and multiplatform automated executive search.

We understand the importance of Digital Marketing and widen our network through a very targeted and multi-channel marketing approach. By utilizing Corporate LinkedIn recruitment strategies, Facebook custom audience marketing campaigns, Banner Ads and Sales funnels we always reach the best candidates.

For more information take a look at our Employer Zone or speak to one of our consultants about a trial.

CloudScope are candidate champions. We spend our time building relationships with our network of developers, not cold calling companies with no ability to add value.
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