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8 Top Tips to Ace a Video Interview
Video interviews are becoming increasingly important as more and more companies are using them. We understand how daunting they can be as a way to give a great first impression, especially for someone working in the tech sector....
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Interview guide
Turning up late. Never turn up late and if you can not avoid it, then call ahead and make sure they know well in advance.
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How to Conduct a Telephone Interview
A telephone interview is a great way to speak to many applicants in a short space of time. Enabling you to pick to best candidate and invite them back for follow-up interviews. Telephone interviews need to be consistent so you can best gauge many applicant’s credentials....
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How to hire great interim staff
Hiring interim staff can be a tough gig, you need people to join your team who are adaptable and able to hit the grown running, learning the job quickly....
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Java. Is a shortage of skills creating a vacuum of available staff?
Java is the most popular programme out there, with many IT job sites reporting that Java was consistently the most requested skill in candidates and that there is no sign of the demand decreasing....
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5 signs people are addicted to work
Whether you are a loved one, employee or boss, you have a duty of care to look out for the health and wellbeing of those around you. A common trap that many people are falling into these days is becoming addicted to work in a rather unhealthy way....
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How to get your business GDPR ready
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a hot topic at the moment, as it comes into force on May 25 2018.
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How to spot the leaders in your team
The term 'leadership' denotes the ability to lead a team, delegate, plan and be forward thinking in leading a project or team in a certain direction. When assessing members of your team for leadership qualities, there are some key traits that can easily help identify who is a good candidate:
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What to consider before adding your boss on Facebook
There is no doubt that it can be risky to add your boss on any kind of social media platform, as you never know what they might be able to find that could have an impact on their impression of you as a professional....
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Training priorities in cyber security
With many businesses worried about the kind of cyber attacks that could come next, there is a lot of emphasis being placed on data practices, and how systems are being secured to offer them the best possible level of protection....
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Security issues in 2018 related to the Internet of Things
There has been a lot of attention based around the Internet of Things in recent years, and this is largely thanks to the fact that there is such a huge amount of potential for the way in which it could be used.
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Can I get a Gig with that?
Over a million gig workers in Britain are expected to benefit from improved rights with reforms to the GIG economy this year. However, the government have announced that they will be delaying the new legislation that would boost employment practices.
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