How to spot the leaders in your team

The term 'leadership' denotes the ability to lead a team, delegate, plan and be forward thinking in leading a project or team in a certain direction. When assessing members of your team for leadership qualities, there are some key traits that can easily help identify who is a good candidate:

Analytical skills

Leaders are able to see both sides of the coin, and different potential outcomes. These are considered before action is taken, keeping in mind the pros and cons of each decision that could be made. A true leader will have the ability to gather information, weigh up their decisions and what will benefit the business.


Employees who have a good sense of vision make great leaders, this is because of their ability to be clear on what it is they are working towards and why. An employee with a vision could lead a team, project, or business towards success if their vision comes to fruition.


An employee who shows the ability to strategically plan out their vision, with clear aims and objectives, will make an ideal leader. A big part of leadership is the ability to see the bigger picture and how it can be achieved. What resources are needed, key dates and milestones for success are all areas of strategy. If you have an employee with the skills to understand how to strategically plan, you're on to a winner!

Delegation skills

Leaders are not afraid to delegate some power over to others, in fact, being able to do this is an essential part of great leadership. Delegating responsibilities to others will ensure that the vision and strategic plan have the correct resources. Leadership is about leading the way, which means giving a direction for others to follow. Great leaders are not intimidated by giving up some power, they see it as a benefit so they can get on with strategically planning the next goal.

People skills

Your ideal team member can be analytical, a visionary, great at delegating and leading, however, if they do not have the ability to relate to others, build professional relationships and come across as approachable and likeable, it could hinder them in a leadership role. People skills are key for leaders, because they need to gain trust and encourage others to follow their lead. Leaders will deal with different people from different backgrounds, in many different situations. A natural leader with great people skills is guaranteed to gain the trust of subordinates, who will readily follow their lead and direction.

Posted by: CloudScope Recruitment