Succeeding in remote working with an effective cyber security strategy

Whether you’re a new business or you’re simply looking to change your ways of working, remote and flexible working can transform a business. Not only will it help your staff to feel more valued, but it means you can be more flexible in where and when you work – cutting costs whilst boosting productivity. However, remote and modern business practices require an effective cyber security strategy in order to protect data and other interests. Read on for more details on why hiring a cyber security professional could be your business’ most valuable asset. 

You are at a bigger risk of cyber security threats than you know

More and more of day to day life is being conducted online. Business is conducted online, personal transactions are conducted online and data is shared constantly through the web. The accessibility of data online makes it easy to carry out functions, but it also poses great risks. Cyber-attackers are constantly evolving to develop new and serious threats to businesses, holding them to ransom, stealing personal data, tampering with systems and other actions which all lead to serious consequences for business, costing money in the process.

Remember in 2015 when nearly 157,000 Talk Talk customers were victims of a data hack? This led to several thousand customers having their banking information leaked and thefts for many. The incident cost Talk Talk £60 million, as well as a loss of 101,000 customers. Could your business survive that sort of data breach?

Cloud computing means lower costs, but potential for data breaches

Cloud computing allows you to work anywhere – ideal for improving productivity amongst employees as well as keeping running costs low by eliminating the need for endless servers and equipment to keep your business running online. When you store sensitive data online, as you would through cloud working, then these could be at risk if a breach were to happen. Having a cyber security professional on your staff allows you to minimise the risk of these data breaches occurring.

Malware can be damaging, but it can be avoided

Phishing emails and malware breaches are most commonly caused through employees’ own errors due to insufficient training and advice around these scams. Through having the right cyber security strategy in place, you can ensure an informative resource is available to workers informing them of what to look out for and how to avoid the traps, whilst also having someone there to put barriers in place before these attacks can happen.

Having an effective cyber security strategy in place means that your business can proceed with its remote and flexible working aspirations, knowing that the right measures are in place. If you’re considering moving to the cloud – any plans of action you are making should include having a dedicated individual or team in place to manage this aspect of your technology. With the benefits far outweighing the disadvantages – protect yourself from cyber threats before your business becomes another front page headline.
Posted by: CloudScope Recruitment