How to hire great interim staff

Hiring interim staff can be a tough gig, you need people to join your team who are adaptable and able to hit the grown running, learning the job quickly. You haven’t got the time to redo your recruitment process when hiring interim staff, so it’s crucial you ask the right questions first time to find the right employees. Below we’ve listed our top interview questions, to help you hire great interim staff on a quick turnaround. 

Ask why

Understanding why someone is interviewing for an interim role is a great way to get to know their motivations for taking the position. It gives you an opportunity to understand why the person is interested in your company, and the role – and gives an indication into the level of commitment they might show in the job. Are they saving to go travelling and therefore just want a short-term position? Are they looking for a longer-term career and therefore want to take a first step into the industry? It will also give you a heads up on whether someone would consider a full-time position, should one become available.


Having the ability to adapt quickly to rapidly changing situations is a crucial characteristic in finding a successful temporary employee. Ask the person in the interview to explain a time they had to adapt to a situation quickly in their current or previous role. As the person answers, you can listen out for keywords and phrases they use that will highlight their ability to adapt to the challenges that they will have to face in the role. 

What motivates you

Asking the person what motivates them will help you to encourage and coach them if you do choose to hire them. It also gives you an insight into the person’s suitability for your role. For example, if they say that routine and stability motivates them, you might begin to wonder if they would be successful in an interim position which requires a flexible approach. 


Finally a great way to get insight into someone’s likely behavioural choices in work is to ask what frustrates them. If working at a pace, working with new colleagues and being flexible with working hours are no goes, the individual might not be best suited to the operation you’re hiring for. Also listen for the tone in which they air their frustrations, you need someone who can stay calm in a hectic environment – which cyber often is, and so understanding how they deal with frustrations is key in understanding how they might react in the role.

Posted by: CloudScope Recruitment